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Auricular Acupuncture- How Does It Work?

Auricular acupuncture is, simply put, applying acupuncture to only the ears of a person. By limiting acupuncture to the ears only, auricular acupuncturists can improve results and make patients feel more comfortable. For some people, using needles on other parts of their bodies is uncomfortable. Auricular acupuncture offers a pleasurable alternative to get the help that they need.

According to auricular acupuncture practitioners, the ear is a microcosm for your entire body. There are points in your ear that connect to each major organ. There are several other micro-systems in your body including your hands and feet.

Auricular acupuncture was first developed in France in the early 1950s by Dr. Paul Nogier. He observed that a specific point in the ear was related to a major organ. From that point, Dr. Nogier began mapping the system and recognized that the ear corresponds to an upside down fetus position. Points on the lower half of your body are at the top of your ear, and vice versa. His research was taken to China and over the course of several different tests chinese experts verified that auricular acupuncture was valid.

With auricular acupuncture, your practitioner can reach all of your major systems. The very top of your ear is called the “allergy point.” It relates to toxicity in your body and can help reduce allergic inflammations. The center of your ear lobe is called the “Master Sensoral Point.” Stimulating it helps with eye and ear function. Next to this point toward the inside of your ear is the “Master Cerebral Point.” According to auricular acupuncture, stimulating this point helps with brain functions and mood problems like anxiety, fear and nervousness. These are just three of the many points throughout your ears that correspond with your body.

After receiving treatment from an auricular acupuncture specialist, you may be able to self-treat in between sessions. You can use the auricular acupuncture points to give yourself immediate relief. Ask your practitioner to show you specific areas that you can stimulate with your fingertips. This is especially helpful for conditions like anxiety and migraines when you may need immediate relief.

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