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Japanese Style Acupuncture

Japanese acupuncture has been around since the 6th century, when the practice migrated over from China. Although the foundations of Chinese and Japanese acupuncture are essentially the same, there have been subtle changes in the theory and technique.

Traditional Japanese acupuncture is very precise and efficient. A Japanese acupuncturist will use a minimum amount of stimulus on your body to get results. There are also a few modifications from Chinese acupuncture points.

One of the most notable parts of Japanese acupuncture is the Five Phase Treatment Protocol. This protocol is used at the start of your Japanese acupuncture treatment. It’s designed to give an overall balance to your health, which restores your vital energies and increases the flow of Qi.

The first phase of the protocol is to select and treat the main imbalance, called the “sho.” The Japanese acupuncturist will choose the needling sites based on your gender. The left side is used for men and the right side is used for women.

The second step in the Japanese acupuncture Five Phase Treatment Protocol is to balance the controlling cycle. The acupuncturist will find the problem areas according to the Five Element Theory and by taking your pulse.

After balancing the controlling cycle, the next step in Japanese acupuncture is to balance the Yang meridians. Your acupuncturist will treat the pulse side of your meridians. In some cases, you may not have any pulse imbalances and this phase may be skipped.  

The fourth step in the process is treating your back’s sho points. These are selected during the diagnostic step at the beginning of the process. Your Japanese acupuncturist will insert needles in specific areas to get your Qi flowing again. There are sho points on your back that relate to all of your major organs. By stimulating them with needles, your acupuncturist will be able to target those organs.

Finally, your Japanese acupuncturist will use one of several complementary techniques that will create the fifth step. Cupping can be used to stimulate blood flow and increase relaxation on specific acupuncture areas. Magnet therapy can be applied on acupuncture points to increase healing.

Japanese style acupuncture has many other helpful techniques, but this is the starting point for most courses of treatment. Your practitioner will customize your program to suit your needs. After finishing this five step treatment, he or she will be able to complete further treatment for your specific problems.
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