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Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine for Your Health

Traditional Chinese acupuncture is the most common form of acupuncture practiced around the world today. The earliest record of acupuncture is from a 4,700 year old Chinese text called the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. Although it’s the first written record of the practice, acupuncture had been taught for many years prior by Shen Nung, the father of Chinese Medicine.
Shen Nung taught that there is a basic energy force running throughout all of our bodies called Qi (or Chi). Qi is not only physical energy but it includes the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your health as well. Qi travels through meridians or pathways along the body and when Qi is blocked it can cause illness. Yin and Yang become unbalanced and as a result, your body suffers. With traditional Chinese acupuncture, the balance is restored and healing occurs. Unlike Western medicine, acupuncture targets not just the symptoms but the source of problems. For this reason, it’s possible to treat a variety of problems by stimulating just a few points.

An understanding of Yin and Yang is at the core of traditional Chinese medicine. Yin and Yang are the two sides of Qi that exist throughout our bodies and nature. They are opposite forces but when they are balanced, they work together. Yin and Yang control every process and everything on earth, including your body, can be divided up into the Yin and Yang categories.

In addition to Yin and Yang, acupuncture and Chinese medicine are based on the concept of five elements. The five elements are a metaphor for understanding the way that the body works and the pattern for the way energy moves through the universe. Everything is made up from some combination of these elements, including your body. In traditional Chinese texts, there are long lists of seasons, foods, conditions, body types, smells, sounds and various other things attributed to these elements. In traditional Chinese acupuncture, an acupuncturist will treat you based on the balance of these elements in your body. By analyzing the five elements within your body, a traditional Chinese acupuncturist will be able to isolate the roots of your problems and balance the elements in your body.

Chinese herbal medicine is often practiced as a complementary treatment to chinese acupuncture which is considered to be the main form of acupuncture. All other forms of acupuncture were adapted and developed from the original Chinese practice. Shen Nung’s teachings from thousands of years ago can today help people around the world.
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