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Trigger Point Therapeutic Treatments

Trigger point therapy is a muscular therapy that many acupuncturists, massage therapists and physical therapists use in order to treat pain. Trigger points are specific areas in your muscles where you feel stabbing pain, weakness, tingling or aching pain. The pain from trigger points can be localized or affect the entire muscle. Trigger point therapy aims to help you relieve the current pain and prevent future pain.
The “point” that is treated in trigger point therapy is actually a bundle of sensitive nerves in one area of your muscle or the thin layer of tissue that surrounds your muscle. For this reason this pain is often called myofascial (muscle-surface) pain. These sensitive nerves become over-stimulated when the muscles are used frequently. Over a period of time, you'll develop a tight bands of nerves that will be sensitive to touch and will cause pain.

In trigger point massage therapy, the practitioner's goal is to identify your sensitive trigger points and determine which areas they are affecting in your body. A point in your body may affect the muscle immediately surrounding it or it may, through the limitation of your movement, effect entire muscle groups.

During the course of trigger point treatment, your acupuncturist will pull at the skin surrounding the trigger point or press firmly on the trigger point. This will cause a muscle twitch that may make you jump or feel an immediate stab of pain. Your reflexes will cause you to try to avoid the pain, but it's important to stimulate trigger points. Stimulation is the key to successful trigger point therapy.

You should seek out myofascial trigger point therapy if you have muscle pain that wasn’t caused by any specific injury. It's especially important to find a trigger point therapy specialist if you're experiencing pain that is spreading to entire muscle groups.

Acupuncture can be an effective form of trigger point therapy because it causes direct stimulation on the surface of the affected muscle. It creates immediate relaxation of that muscle which helps loosen tight band of nerves that are causing the pain. You can find acupuncturists that specialize in trigger points, but most acupuncturists are familiar with the basics of trigger point therapy.
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