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Applying Acupressure Treatment for Healing

Acupressure treatment is a traditional Chinese healing technique that stimulates points along your meridians, or pathways of energy. These pathways criss-cross your body and carry Qi, or vital life energy. By stimulating specific points on your meridians, an acupressure practitioner will alleviate your symptoms, increase your vitality, and clear blockages of Qi in your body.
Acupressure healing is based on the same concepts as acupuncture and can treat everything from depression to stomach problems. The only difference is that acupressure practitioners will use their hands or other helpful implements, instead of needles, to stimulate points.

Getting started with acupressure is very easy. You’ll meet with a practitioner and discuss your symptoms. You’ll be asked questions about your general health and your lifestyle habits. Your practitioner will also ask to look at your tongue and check your pulse to get a more accurate diagnosis.

Once your needs have been established, the practitioner will start the treatment. Acupressure can be administered while you are fully clothed. The practitioner will use his or her finger, knuckle an acupressure tool to press down on specific points throughout your meridians. He or she will treat the source of your problems, instead of specific symptoms. For example, if you have headaches due to stress, he or she will apply pressure to points related to stress and not to headaches. That’s why it’s so important to speak about your lifestyle and symptoms during the first part of your appointment.

Your acupuncture practitioner will use a probing technique around your acupoint until they hit it exactly. Once they do, you may feel an electric jolt rush to that area or another instant, powerful reaction. Following this feeling, you’ll instantly feel warmth and relaxation around that point. This combination of sensations can be jarring at first, but you’ll soon get used to it.

The practitioner will keep pressure on the point for 15 to 30 seconds and then move on to the same point on the other side of your body. He or she will continue applying pressure to all the necessary points throughout the session. While the treatment is taking place, you may start sweating, feel your nasal passages drain or feel a release of tension. This is completely normal. Let your acupressure practitioner know if you feel extreme pain or numbness in the area he or she is treating.

Acupressure technique can be used in conjunction with other traditional Chinese medicine techniques, like herbal treatments. Your acupressure practitioner may prescribe herbal remedies to continue healing or guide you in applying pressure to specific areas between visits. Most people report immediate relief after just a single acupressure session, however, it’s important to keep regular appointments with the practitioner to maintain new vitality.
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