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Electroacupuncture Stimulation Treatment

Electroacupuncture treatment is a form of acupuncture that uses electrical currents to stimulate acupoints and restore healing to your body. It uses the same meridians and acupoints as acupuncture but affects them in a different way.

This form of electronic acupuncture is most commonly used with pain management and healing. It’s been proven to be especially effective in treating musculoskeletal pain, trauma, back pain and shoulder pain. It can also be helpful with conditions that involve the nerves, like multiple sclerosis.

Before applying electro stimulation acupuncture practitioners will diagnose your problems based on evaluating your tongue and your pulse. They’ll also consult with you on your recent medical history and major problems that are currently bothering you.

He or she will then insert needles at specific points throughout your body to correspond with the healing that is needed. The needles will be attached to a device that will run low-voltage electricity into the needles and the acupoints. This technique is very similar to the transdermal electroneurostimulation that physical therapists use. In both methods, your tissues and nerves are stimulated with the electricity, which can increase relaxation in the muscles. The difference with electroacupuncture is that the specific points used will release blockages of Qi and increase blood flow. Since the points are picked based on the knowledge of meridians and acupoints, they have powerful effect.

If you’ve tried acupuncture before, electro acupuncture will provide even more relief. The stimulation of your acupoints through the use of electricity increases the healing effect. You may be able have the result that you want after just one treatment or it may take longer if you have a chronic condition.

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