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Healing with Reiki Therapy Treatment

Reiki healing therapy is a spiritual type of energy healing which is facilitated by a laying on of the hands. The energy is obtained from the Universe or from one’s higher power. The Reiki practitioner then acts as a conduit and directs the healing energy into a person, place or thing where healing is needed.

Healing with Reiki originated in Japan. Its name comes from the Japanese words Rei meaning Wisdom from God  and Ki which translates to life force energy. So the word Reiki means spiritually guided life force energy. Dr  Mikao Usui is attributed with the founding of Reiki in 1914. He was a very spiritual man who had extensively studied medicine and other types of healing. At the time, Dr Usui’s health was failing. It is said that he felt there was something missing in the healing arts at that time. He traveled to a Buddhist temple on Mt. Kurama where he studied and meditated for twenty one days. At the end of his study, he was gifted with the great gift of Reiki. This opened him up to a whole new world of healing and energy therapy. Dr Usui was especially grateful that he could now heal others and this could be accomplished without depleting his own energy resources.

Today Reiki healing techniques are practiced all over the world. It is designed to treat the body as a whole. Reiki addresses mind, body and spirit in its treatment. In addition to helping address physical illness, this therapy gives the patient feelings of peace, security and well being. Reiki has been reported to be helpful in almost every type of illness or malady. It is a very safe treatment to use and is a natural form of spiritual healing. This type of therapy can be used alone. It may also be used in conjunction with other types of holistic therapy or mainstream medicine without any issues or constraints.

Students who wish to practice Reiki healing treatment are attuned or their channels opened by a Reiki Master/Teacher. This allows the student to channel the Universe’s energy through their own body and direct it to the person they are treating. The Reiki Master first teaches students self healing. Students are also taught Reiki symbols and their usage in treatments. There are three levels of Reiki practitioners.

Level one practitioners learn self healing techniques and healing of others in person. They work under a Reiki teacher until the teacher feels they are ready to move on to the next level.

Level two practitioners are taught how to perform distance healing techniques. Treatment can be performed anywhere as long as the practitioner can focus their healing energy on the person they want to heal.

Level three in Reiki is the Master/Teacher level. At this level, students are taught how to attune and teach others the craft of Reiki. They apprentice with a Master/Teacher until they are able to perform these duties on their own.

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