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Chinese Tui Na Massage Therapy

Tui Na massage therapy is a bodywork technique that is used in Chinese medicine. It has been described by some recipients as a cross between Shiatsu massage and acupressure. Chinese acupressure massage Tui Na is composed of compression of the channels and muscles in your body, and it also includes applying direct pressure to acupoints, like with acupressure.

It is very similar to traditional massage therapy, with a few important differences. Namely, Tui Na practitioners are familiar with the meridians that flow through the body. With their techniques they can stimulate acupoints and increase the flow of energy to specific areas. It works with energy at the deepest levels of your body.

Tui Na healing technique is focused on relieving specific problems, instead of just general pain. Regular massages only relieve muscle tension, but Tui Na sessions can help manage pain, relieve insomnia, improve digestion and remove headaches.

There are several basic building blocks of Tui Na chinese massage and different methods of manipulating the muscles and encouraging blood flow:

    * Tui is a gliding motion that has very little pressure.
    * Nie is a kneading of the muscles using both hands.
    * Da is a percussive motion where a practitioner will drum on the client’s back with both hands.

Other techniques include rocking, using friction and shaking. Tui Na practitioners focus on putting your body back in balance. Over the course of multiple sessions, you’ll feel restored and in better health.

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