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Can Acupuncture Help Me Loose Weight?

Using acupuncture for weight loss is an uncommon approach to reducing body fat, however, the treatment technique is gaining popularity for its effectiveness. Acupuncture points and chinese medicine can help aid with digestion, increase your metabolism and reduce your cravings for unhealthy foods.

Acupuncture should be considered a complementary therapy for losing weight. It's not a magic bullet that will allow you to eat pizza and donuts and take off the pounds. Acupuncture is like a friendly assistant. It will make it easier to lose weight and maintain the losses, but you have to make lifestyle choices that support your goals. This means that changes in your diet and exercise habits are an absolute necessity if you want to lose weight.

In order to start acupuncture treatment for weight loss, you'll first have a consultation with your acupuncturist and discuss your diet and lifestyle. You'll need to let the acupuncturist know about your overeating habits, any digestive difficulties you may have and your overall willpower. They'll want to know if you've tried other type of diets and how you fared on the diets.

There are specific points in the ear that acupuncturists use to release endorphins into your system. These endorphins are your natural feel-good hormones that allow you to more easily deal with stress and anxiety. Since most people overeat for emotional reasons it makes sense that increasing the level of endorphins in your body will help you lose weight.

There are several other points in your ear that you acupuncturist may target depending on your needs. There's a point related to the stomach which may be stimulated if you eat until you are overfull. There is a point that can control your hunger. Another point is used to reduce frustration and increase calmness. Your acupuncturist may also choose points in your ear that relate to your lungs, your endocrine system, your spleen, your kidneys or your thyroid.

Depending on how much help you need, you acupuncturist may replace the needles that they use in the office with ear tacks. These small needles have adhesive over them to hold the needles in your ears. They remain in your ears for several days so that you have the continued benefit of acupuncture after you've left the office.

The practitioner can also supplement acupuncture weight loss treatments with nutritional counseling and chinese herb recommendations. By using acupuncture, chinese herbs and specific lifestyle changes you could be well on your way to losing fat faster than you thought possible.