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Acupuncture in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for acupuncture, Los Angeles has a lot to offer. Acupuncture schools and practitioners from many traditions: Los Angeles is a leading center for acupuncture. Los Angeles also benefits from a stringent state licensing program, and a state organization, the California State Oriental Medical Association

Why would you want to get acupuncture? Los Angeles offers many reasons. It takes a toll on your system to keep up the pace you need for a world-class place like Los Angeles. Acupuncture is a great way to keep your system in tune. And if you have a breakdown, acupuncture can be a way to avoid the dangers of medication, prevent surgery, and return to true health.

Acupuncture can make you more efficient. Studies show that certain kinds of relaxation aren’t lazy: they increase smartness and efficiency. Headaches, bad digestion and high blood pressure can get in the way of work. But even more serious problems respond to acupuncture. Los Angeles practitioners offer many modalities for getting your old efficiency back.

Acupuncture can make you less anxious. Many psychological disorders respond to acupuncture. Los Angeles residents who would rather feel good without medications try acupuncture first.

Acupuncture can give you more energy. Releasing congestion and allowing more energy flow are the underlying principles of acupuncture. Los Angeles is a high-energy place. Acupuncture can give you the lift you need—without having to pay for it later.

Acupuncture is great for injuries. Chronic injury pain can really cramp your style. Before you try surgery, try acupuncture. Los Angeles offers a lot for people who live an active life.  And life is just more fun when that knee or shoulder or wrist no longer bother you.

Los Angeles has some of the best acupuncture. Los Angeles acupuncturists must pass stringent requirements to get their licenses.

The State of California is a national leader in the field of acupuncture. It became the first state to license qualified practitioners as primary care providers in 1978. After graduation from a California Acupuncture Board (CAB) approved school, all  candidates must pass the CAB licensure examination. A qualifying student must complete master degree level program which is at least 3000 hours of study. In addition California  licensed acupuncturists are required to take at least 805 hours of didactic training in Oriental medicine theory and acupuncture, 450 hours of studying herbal medicine, and have clinical experience at least 950 hours.

You’ll find that many acupuncturists have had even more training than what’s required.

Research it yourself. The detailed search function makes it easy to find your own best option for acupuncture. Los Angeles has a broad spectrum to choose from.