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Quit Smoking with the Help of Acupuncture

Using acupuncture to quit smoking is a very effective cessation method that is worth considering.  This three thousand years old chinese medical practice is gaining fans worldwide because of its effectiveness in treating conditions that conventional medicine can't cure. Although there is a lot of attention paid to pain management with acupuncture the practice can also help people who want to stop smoking. There's even clinical proof that acupuncture works in this capacity.

A study published in 2002 in the medical journal Preventive Medicine showed the use of acupuncture for smoking addiction. This ambitious study followed 46 participants for five years. About half of the group was given acupuncture at points that corresponded smoking. The other half of the group also received acupuncture but they were given treatment for their skeletal and muscular systems.

During the course of the study four people in the test group and two people in the control group quit smoking. The scientists studied the blood levels of smoking-related chemicals in both groups and found that the test group had less of these chemicals in their systems even if they continued to smoke after treatment.

The acupuncturists in the study targeted points in the body that directly affect organs that are influenced by tobacco smoke. When you seek treatment for smoking from an acupuncturist they will likely choose the same points. These points stimulate the mouth, throat and lungs. Your course of treatment will be customized to your specific smoking patterns.

Acupuncture also helps cleanse your body of toxins which is important to people who smoke. Cigarettes contain dozens of harmful chemicals that you inhale into your system each time you light up a cigarette. As the study showed, acupuncture can get rid your body of the built-up chemicals from your previous smoking habit. Getting these substances out of your body can be very helpful in quitting the habit and  avoiding relapse.

During your consultation with your acupuncturist he or she will help you pinpoint the habits and triggers that you've developed with regards to smoking. For example, someone who smokes a pack or more a day will have a different treatment than someone who is just a social smoker. If you reach for a cigarette whenever you're stressed or feeling emotionally vulnerable, your acupuncturist can help you with managing those feelings and urges to smoke.

In addition to needle insertion, your acupuncturist may also prescribe chinese herbs to help reduce your cravings and eliminate toxins in between sessions. If you want the effects of your treatment to last it is a good idea to follow your acupuncturist's herb recommendations. Within just a few sessions, many smokers report feeling less drawn to having a cigarette. If you’re on the fence about trying this method of smoking cessation, give it a try for at least three sessions.